Slap It! Funk Studies for the Electric BassHere are some comments on Slap It! from some great players and teachers:


This book is extremely comprehensive. It's an absolute must-have for anyone interested in learning slap bass or improving their technique.
Rickey Minor (Producer/Bassist)
Great book and CD Tony! Thanks for all the new audio examples on this (25th Anniversary) edition. This book goes from the very basics of slap bass to the unbelievably advanced. I've used it for years for my own playing and for teaching. It has inspired me to improve my groove and time concepts. A must for any funk enthusiast!
John Kolivas (DonGrusin, Eric Marienthal, Honolulu Jazz Quartet)
Excellent! Finally, an easy-to-understand, comprehensive study on the fine art of slap technique. This is a book that NO electric bassist should miss.
Slap It! will turn your head! The most complete book yet on the art of slap bass playing. Definitely the bible of twang!
Clyde Bullard (Mystic Merlin, Capital Records)
I've found this book to be a must for any bass player . . . I was able to improve my recording technique of the "funk" styles. The text of this book is very precise in pinpointing various techniques of this style, not to mention the creativity of the bass lines that can give you endless ideas for your own style.
Ken Smith (N.Y. studio musician;
manufacturer of the Smith Electric Bass)
An excellent book for getting this new concept together. It answers the questions that many of my students have been asking.
Rich Appleman (Chairman, Bass Department,
Berklee College of Music)
Thank you, Tony! This book is a monster! For you the reader, this book will help you reach a level of finger-popping, toe-tapping dexterity! Good luck!
Bob Cranshaw

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